Thursday, March 25, 2010

Springtime in Las Vegas

View of the Paris Hotel's Jules Verne Air Balloon. The letter 'P' in the name Paris points to the exact astrological position of the vernal equinox and our current season - when the sun travels out of Pisces' Winter and moves into Aries' Spring.

Just Cause for March Madness and Spring Fever

In the Northern Hemisphere Springtime begins on March 21. Officially, that is also the first day of Spring in Las Vegas - even though our hot, desert climate causes flowers to bloom here a lot earlier than in most other locales.

With Spring, Las Vegas gets March Madness from basketball and a large influx of college students who arrive from early March until Mid-April (depending on when their school releases them for Spring Break).

Due to the great Spring weather, in Las Vegas, many citizens from all around the world come to enjoy some fun vacation time here after having spent many cold months locked into their hometown's harsher Winters.

Day-time teperatures, this week in Las Vegas, have ranged from 65-74 degrees. This weekend forcasters have predicted temperatures might reach as high as 82 degrees. With Spring, we still can experience many cold and windy desert nights. But it's safe to say that our temperatures will steadily increase as we move closer to our hot summer months.

What does Spring mean for locals in Las Vegas? Well. Besides doing a bit of 'Spring-cleaning' or starting a home desert-gardening project, it's a great time to experience the great weather we have, that tourists often travel 3,000 miles to experience. This means it's time to get out and go walking along the Strip, visiting City Center, seeing the Spring exhibit at Bellagio's Conservatory, or taking a drive to Red Rock Canyon - while the weather is so beautiful.

This is also a good time to go and catch a local bus to see our great RTC system which gets you most anywhere in the valley with no driving to contend with.
Spring weather provides a wonderful opportunity to experience many of the great things Las Vegas has to offer its local citizens.

In Vegas, Spring has sprung full-blown and it's Nature's Way of telling you to get out and party !

Water-globe at the Bellagio Conservatory's Spring Floral Exhibit.

Trees and flowers are blooming on the Strip and across the Valley.
Looking southward from Paris Plaza towards City Center.

Looking northward from the Paris Hotel driveway.

The floral exhibit at Bellagio is lots of fun to see, plus it's free.

Bellagio's floral exhibit is full of ants, bees and butterflies...

...and scary, weird, old trees.

Bellagio's Spring Theme continues thru its esplanade...

...upward to the Spring parasols overhead.

The Permanent Spring of Bellagio's lobby.

Spring at the Harmon Towers of City Center.

Flowers blooming in front of Monte Carlo.

With Spring's arrival and the opening of City Center, people are walking more...

...and girls are shopping more.

Who says flowers can't bloom in the desert?

With the right soil and hydration nearly anything can grow.

In South Nevada cherry blossoms and plam trees live side-by-side... the Land of the Free - Las Vegas, USA.