Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Street Theater on the Vegas Strip

Street-Theater and Street-Performers have been around for centuries. You've seen them in most all the great and large cities of the world and in USA towns like Venice Beach, San Francisco, New Orleans, Boston and New York City.

Las Vegas has its own culture of Street Entertainers. Here, they amuse and entertain tourists and arouse great delight. Our city welcomes them openly to areas of Downtown and The Strip where their mere appearance gets many cameras to clicking.

Street Theater in Las Vegas is of a higher caliber than in most other cities. In Vegas many of these performers and look-a-likes simply get out to publicize their local appearances at nightclubs or to promote their availability for parties and special events.

These performers are some of the best Ambassadors that Las Vegas has.
Where ever you see them, around town, give them a wave and go up and say hello and even try inviting them to lunch. They usually know plenty about what is happening on the streets of Vegas - because they see and hear a lot while they are 'out there'. Just as Vegas Cabbies know the roads of Vegas, these street-entertainers know the sidewalk-activity of Vegas. They can teach us all a thing or two about the up-to-minute buzz on the Boulevard.

Take a look at some of the 'best of the street bunch', in the photos below.

Teva's Webpage & Info

Elvis continues to love Las Vegas and obviously has not "left the building". Teva is the newest and coolest looking Elvis I've seen in a long, long time.

Elvis and Michael Jackson at the Paris Hotel Plaza.

Captain Jack Sparrow in front of Walgreens on the LV Strip.

Michael Jackson gloving in front of the Paris Hotel.
Tony the Tiger and Winnie the Pooh enjoying the Spring Vegas weather.

This violinist is really good.
Another Captain Jack (or a Keith Richards look-a-like) with money in hand.

Star Wars Guy in front of the stores south of the Harley-Davidson Cafe.

Super-polite Greeter-Doorman-Host at the new, Strip Hard Rock Cafe.

The outdoor stage at the Hawaian Marketplace provides entertainment space for performers.

Elvis-Teva. Teva appears on National Geographic's 'World's Toughest Fixes' TV Show this April. The episode is called 'Fixing Vegas' and will show Cirque Du Soleil's "problem stage" and how it gets repaired. Teva can be found appearing around Las Vegas, at the Paris Plaza and around Downtown Fremont Street. You can e-mail Teva at:
Street-Sign Theater appearing on the roof of Daiblo's Cantina.
The sign is reminiscent of the 'Gigantism Signage' used In Old Las Vegas during the 1950s like the Dunes Sultan, Pioneer's Vegas Vic, Sassy Sally, the Silver Slipper and Sahara Camels, etc.

You can see Elvis and Michael Jackson at Paris Plaza or on Fremont Street.

Captain Jack lives in Hollywood and Las Vegas. He is available for parties. You can phone him at 323-703-3943 or e-mail him at the_captain98@yahoo.com

These photos and others will be posted on a permanent webpage in a much larger format and at a much better image quality than can be viewed on this blog - so check out the link below in a day or so:

In the meanwhile read-up on the interesting history of Street Performers: