Monday, March 29, 2010

Aria's Spin High Limit Lounge

Aira Vegas' Spin High Limit Lounge 1 City Center's Aria Hotel houses one of the best High Limit Slot Lounges in Las Vegas. The place is called Spin. It's located near the far left side of Aria's casino floor, just behind the Deuce Lounge and across from the high-end Carta Privada casino room.

Aira Vegas' Spin High Limit Lounge 2
Aria's Spin High Limit Lounge provides slot-play from $25 - $5,000. That's fairly high-end slot play for sure. But if you're looking for high-rolling slot machines this is the place to be.
Aira Vegas' Spin High Limit Lounge 3
The Spin Lounge is very cozy and offers gamblers a sort of sanctuary away from nosier slot playing action on the main casino floor. It's rarely crowded and if you have $25 -$100 extra dollars in your pocket you should try betting it inside Spin, just for the fun and risk of it. You can at least tell your friends you once played on a $25 a spin slot machine.
The odds of winning are usually better on these high-end slot machines than they are on 5 cent and 25 cent machines, so maybe you should give Spin a visit. It looks like it's waiting to pay out some big jackpots.

Spin has some of the most modern slot machines around.
Aira Vegas' Spin High Limit Lounge 4Spin has a front and a rear slot room.

Spin's Slot Desk employees are there to sign you up for Player's Cards or assist you with getting change, info, advice, complimentary meals or concierge type services. There are very welcoming and helpful people working inside Spin. Go inside and say hello.
Aira Vegas' Spin High Limit Lounge 5
The great thing about Spin is that they encourage you to come in to play or relax.
Aira Vegas' Spin High Limit Lounge 6
Spin's slots, like this Cleopatra one, are super-new and lots o' fun.
Aira Vegas' Spin High Limit Lounge 7
If you need to meet friends you should invite them to Spin to relax in a quiet place like this coffee table area. If the people in your party feel like relaxing while you gamble, this is a good spot to for them to take some time-out and watch you play while they enjoy a drink or food.

For people who really need some complete time-out from the gaming action, Spin provides this ultra comfortable relaxtion room, located in the back half of the lounge, thru the left-hand door.

This is the view you'll see from inside Spin. It looks out on the main casino floor and towards the high-end Carta Privada gaming room.
Aira Vegas' Spin High Limit Lounge 9
These 'Top Dollar' slot machines provide big jackpots for $25 a spin.
Aira Vegas' Spin High Limit Lounge 10
This is the only entry and exit door for the Spin High-Limit Lounge. So, if you invite someone to meet you here you can be pretty sure you'll quickly catch sight of them.
Aira Vegas' Spin High Limit Lounge 11
The Spin Lounge opened in December. Everytime I've seen it it hardly has many people inside. Timid types of players seem to foolishly avoid this place. They shouldn't, because Aria wants you to go inside to visit, even if only to get a drink or to talk to the ladies at the Slot Desk.
It's truly worth risking $25-100 just to test your luck in an intimate, high-roller slot room. Don't be afraid of this high-end stuff. You don't need a pedigree or special badge to enter. Just walk on in and check it out. Spin holds no bias, has no special dress code and requires nothing from you. Boldly check it out. Buy a drink and maybe take a $25 buck spin just for fun. The place seems kind of lonesome and wishes you would stop by for a visit.
Aira Vegas' Spin High Limit Lounge 12
The Spin High Limit Lounge. Inside Aria Hotel. Ground level. City Center. Las Vegas. Nevada.