Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Aria's Carta Privada

Aria Hotel's Carta Privada 1 City Center's Aria Hotel houses a super high-end gaming room on its ground level casino floor. The place is called Carta Privada (which loosely translated into Spanish means "playing cards in private").

Aria Hotel's Carta Privada 2Carta Privada is a casino within a casino, sort of like City Center is a city within a city. Privada is a special high-end gaming room that provides Baccarrat and Mini-Baccarrat, and certain other card games.

I'm not a gambler and am not a very high-end person (wallet-wise) so I don't really know what this room is all about. But it's open to everyone and has a great looking bar and lots of lounge seats. If I had a girlfriend and some cash I think I'd take her there for a drink.

Aria Hotel's Carta Privada 3Carta Privada is located to the left of Aria's Cashier's Cage, by the south escalators and is just across from the Spin High Limit Slot Lounge.

Aria Hotel's Carta Privada 4Carta Privada was designed by a man named Peter Marino. He got his start back in 1975 when he redesigned Andy Warhol's apartment and 'Factory' art studio. Since then he's become known as a high-society architect-interior designer, designing such famous things as Christian Dior shops in Paris, Chanel boutiques in Tokyo and Beverly Hills, Louis Vuitton stores in New York and a Fendi shop in Rome as well as New York's Four Seasons' Hotel's Presidential Suites.

The creators of Aria chose Peter Marino to design Aria's Sky Villas , the Spin High Limit Lounge, the Radience store and Aria's Salon Prive. I'm not quite sure what Salon Prive is, but I suppose it's a gaming room that is even higher-end than Carta Privada. That's no problem though. In Vegas if you got the cash you're welcome anywhere, whether you're using old-money or new-money, you can expect royal treatment in the city where cash makes you a king.

Aria Hotel's Carta Privada 5Looking at the dealer thru the transluscent glass of Carta Privada. The designer of Carta Privada says "I want [people] to feel a sense of drama, excitement and high-octane energy".

Aria Hotel's Carta Privada 6The bar is really nice looking.

Aria Hotel's Carta Privada 7They probably have whatever type high-end bottle brand you need.

Aria Hotel's Carta Privada 8The other Carta Privada bar is near the seating lounge area.

Aria Hotel's Carta Privada 9 Carta Privada. Private high-end gaming for whoever needs it.