Friday, May 14, 2010

Happy 105th Birthday Las Vegas !

May 15th marks the 105th Birthday of the City of Las Vegas.
The Helldorado Parade and Festival is being held downtown.
Carnival starts at 5PM Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
Parade runs from 8-10 AM Saturday.

Downtown Fremont Street circa 1962.

Vegas showgirls celebrating a birthday.

A cavalcade of legs at the Flamingo Hotel.

The Old West meets the New West.

Downtown Vegas circa 1971.

The Helldorado Parade was held from 1934-1998 to celebrate the anniversary of the formation of Las Vegas into a city. Helldorado will be held again this weekend. See info at page bottom.

The Helldorado Parade passing by Binion's Horsehoe.

Casinos (like El Rancho) exhibited their parade floats at Helldorado.

Helldorado is a fun event for local kids to watch or take part in.

The top of the Las Vegas Club's neon sign. Once the tallest.

Elvis with Vegas showgirls (1956).

Celebrities attending a show at the Sands.

Stardust Lido ad.

Showgirls celebrating the sunny Christmas holidays of Las Vegas.

The 1958 arrival of French dancers for Stardust's Lido Paris Show.

Champagne and Hot Dogs for the Lido girls. Perfect photo-opp props.

Tropicana showgirls saying hello to the year 1960.

1978 Stardust Showgirls.

Las Vegas May 15, 1905 - May 15 2010

Las Vegas circa 1905. The train from Los Angeles to Salt Lake City caused the creation of the train depot downtown. Parcels of land were auctioned off on May 15th and a city was born across the way from the train station. In 1935 Hoover Dam was completed - gambling, plus quick and easy marriage or divorce was legalized. Las Vegas has been booming ever since, for the last 75 years.

The Union Plaza Hotel, built on former site of the 1905 train Depot.

The Plaza opened on July 2, 1971 - and was billed as the "World's Largest Casino" with 80,000 square feet of casino space.

City Center opened last December as the largest privately funded development in the history of the United States. It occupies 76 acres of land and is composed of 7 skyscrapers.

Happy Birthday Vegas - From Paul, Frank, Dino

1. Mc Cartney in Moscow, 2. Happy Birthday to Sinatra party, 3. Sinatra sings Fly Me to the Moon on 1968 TV, 4. A happy birthday video with Dean Martin, 5. The Rat Pack performs with Johnny Carson

Local TV commercial for the 2010 Helldorado Rodeo.