Saturday, April 10, 2010

Hugh Hefner Weekend

Last night was Hefner's 84th Birthday Party, held again at the Palms. This post is a look back at the life and times of the publisher and nightclub innovator.

Hugh Hefner and Holly Madison signing copies of Playboy, at the Palms in 2006.

The Playboy Store opened at the Palms in 2006. The Palms Fantasy Tower is now the home for the Playboy Club and Playboy Hotel Suites.

In 2003, the Palms Hotel honored Hefner with a 50th Anniversary Party to commemorate his Playboy Magazines five decades of publication. At that time the road just east of the hotel was officially named Hugh Hefner Drive - and Hef was there to cut the ribbon. An exhibit was held showing Hefner's Playboy memorabilia, including his circular bed.

In 2006 Johnny Brendon (right) and George Maloof (left) honored Hef with a special plaque.

The Girls Next Door, Kendra Wilkenson, Bridgette Marquardt and Holly Madison.

One of the Girls of the Playboy Mansion - Bridgette Marquardt.

Kendra Wilkinson - 2006.

The Girls with Johnny Brenden - owner of the Brenden Theaters, grandson of Ted Mann (owner of the Mann Theater chain and Grauman's Chinese Theater in Hollywood) and grandson of movie actress Rhonda Fleming (known as the Queen of Tecnicolor in the 1950s).

2006 Playboy Playmate of the Year.

The Playboy Bunny Logo is now attached to the eastside of the Palms Fantasy Tower where Hugh Hefner's Playboy Club and Playboy Fantasy Suites are located.

Hugh Hefner Drive is here on the eastside of the Palms property.

Photo of a mural of Hugh Hefner holding the first issue of his 1953 Playboy magazine, with Marilyn Monroe on the cover. This mural was part of the Palms Hotels 2003, 50th anniversary exhibit on Playboy magazine.

A rare piece of Playboy memorabilia. Hugh Hefner's personal address book and his Playboy Club gold key card, with #1 as the serial number.

Apocalypse Now - Playmates in Vietnam

Video from Francis Ford Coppola's 1979 'Apocalypse Now'.

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