Monday, April 12, 2010

Cosmopolitan Las Vegas - Revisited


Blog Correction: Last week I incorrectly labeled the Cosmopolitan Hotel as being The Harmon and vice versa. I did that on four photos. It wasn't a simple typo. It was a TOTAL error on my part. For over a year now I incorrectly thought that the hotel named The Cosmopolitan was just one building (hence the singular name) and that is was the building with the Elvis sign on its front. The oval looking structure.

A day after I mis-labeled the Harmon Hotel as being the Cosmopolitan I noticed that three other blogs had stories showing the actual Cosmopolitan. I took a look and realized my stupid mistake of mis-labeling the photos and also checked Wikipedia to verify for accuracy.

It seems that the two towers are referred to as simply being called 'Cosmopolitan'. Well, as strange as that name sounds to me, that's the name it has and I stand (and sit) corrected. I don't want to be known as the guy who incorrectly labels billion dollar hotels with the wrong names! But, with eight new high-rises being added to the new Las Vegas skyline - the odds were pretty high that I'd name something incorrectly.

Anyway. I'm posting these new photos to acknowledge and correct my mistake and the photos are labeled correctly. The two towers that are called 'Cosmopolitan' can be seen in the photo above and the photos below. They are the rectangular looking buildings. I'm 96% sure.

This is the back tower of Cosmopolitan. It's right next to The Bellagio (or just call it 'Bellagio' if you prefer pro-nounish names). I'm now a bit hesitant to even label the place quite actually. Don't worry though - you don't need a degree in English to find the place or have a good time there.

This is the Bellagio fountain (these are the Bellagio fountains?). Cosmopolitan is seen in the background as the two, big, tall, squarish looking buildings.

Cosmopolitan is seen on the right, just behind the sign for the O Show. Harmon Hotel is in the picture as well (sort of on the right and sort of light-bluer than the Cosmop).

The edge of The Ballys, Aria, Cosmopolitan 1, Cosmopolitan 2 and The Vdara or Vdara.

Photo-Guide to Cosmopolitan Hotel