Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Monster-ous Renovation at the Tropicana

The newly opened 1957 Tropicana Hotel & Casino.

Notice the palms trees. The get pulled out by a giant in the video down below.

Tropicana Renovation by the Amazing Colossal Man

The Trop gets attacked at the 1:05 mark.

This 1957 movie was a big hit among kids and teens in 1957. The 40 foot tall Colossal Man goes on a rampage and attacks the casinos of Las Vegas. He starts at the Royal Nevada, then the Silver Slipper and works his way to the Tropicana and back up to the Sands. He ends up on Hoover Dam where the police finally stop him cold. Poor guy. He was just doing what any of us might do under the same circumstances.

The Complete Photo-History of the Tropicana

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