Friday, April 2, 2010

Mastros' Treehouse

This treehouse is located at the east end of Crystals' Mall, near the Strip sidewalk. It's an 80 foot tall restaurant designed by David Rockwell, the designer of many of the Nobu restaurants, the Academy Award Kodak Theater and lots of other nice places.

This treehouse structure is currently the home of the Mastros' restaurant chain's Las Vegas location. Mastros has four other steak and seafood locations in Southern California and three in Arizona. The restaurant inside this particular treehouse is called Mastros Ocean Club Seafood Restaurant.

You can enter the treehouse by using the escalator seen at left, or by coming in from the mall's second floor walkway. If you need valet parking you can use Crystals' by looking for the signs in the front-entry driveway of City Center that read 'Crystals and Veer', which lead to the underground valet.
Mastros is open everyday from 11am-11pm and until Midnight on Friday and Saturday. The piano bar stays open until 2am. Their phone number is 702-798-7115.
Their menu can be seen on their website. Click Locations, chose Las Vegas, then Menu.
Yelp reviewers give the restaurant good ratings.
This desk-clerk provides info just below the treehouse.

Photo shows Mastros 'mouth-like entryway' at right.

The reviewer below gives an interesting analysis, with photos of seating and food.