Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Aria's Slot Machines and Sports Book

Aria Slot Machines 1 Aria's casino floor is stocked with 2,000 new and modern slot machines.
Aria Slot Machines 2 The slot area extends from the lobby to the far south wall.
Aria Slot Machines 3 Aria's slot machines are part of a new, sbX computerized server system that allows the casino to provide players with better service as well as info on hotel amenities and events. Two new, very popular slot games are out on the casino's floor; 'Sex and the City' and 'American Idol', along with lots of other fun, themed slots as well as the more traditional slot games.

Aria's new sbX machines allow the player to access a variety of information about the casino's amenities simply by tapping the option tabs at the lower right of each slot machine.
Aria Slot Machines 4
Aria also has their 'Spin' high-lounge where you can bet big.
SkyBox To Go
Aria Sky Box To Go
The Skybox-To-Go quick-food stand is located near the south wall.
Aria's Skybox Grill
Aria's Skybox Sports Grill
The Skybox Sports Bar and Grill is a casual coffee shop that's located near the casino floor and just in front of the Race and Sports Book.
Interior Aria Skybox Sports Cafe
Skybox Grill is comfortable, has good service and lots of TV screens.
Aria's Menu for Skybox Cafe
Menu for Skybox Grill. Larger Menu Photo.
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Visitors to Aria can read previous customer opinions and experiences thru the link below. Yelp currently has over 193 reviews on people's visits to Aria. You'll find a wide rage of opinions on a variety of topics that can help you make your stay at Aria work best for you.

Aria's Race and Sports Book

The Race and Sports Book is located on the southside of the casino just 20 yards beyond the Sports Grill. It's has about 10,000 square feet of space and is slightly smaller than most Las Vegas Sportsbooks, but is designed to be more comfortable, interactive and lounge-like than most others you've seen.
Aria's Race and Sports Book The Sportsbook has two 24 hour self-betting kiosks, 10 betting windows, and 85 large screens which receive over 350 live feeds of various worldwide sports events.
Aria's Sportsbook allows wagering on baseball, Indy racing, the rodeo, boxing, tennis, soccer, golf, horse and dog racing, football and basketball.
Aria's Sports and Race Book 2
History of the Las Vegas Sports Book

Las Vegas Jackpots and New Slot Machines

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