Wednesday, March 31, 2010


One hour of highlights and the best scenes from the 2004 Mark Burnett's (producer of The Apprentice) television reality-show 'The Casino'.

It's the behind-the-scenes story about the two 32 year-old multi-millionaires, Tim Poster and Tom Breitling, who sold their Las Vegas Internet Room Booking company for $105 million dollars and then set out to buy, run and sell the Golden Nugget Casino.
Watch them raise money, count money, eat dinner with Steve Wynn, deal blackjack, and do all the other things new casino owners might do when just taking over an existing hotel-casino.

1. Preview, 2. Intro, 3. Road Show to Raise Money, 4. Grand Re-Opening of the Golden Nugget, 5. Dinner with Steve Wynn, 6. Come to Play, 7. Casino Losses, 8. Inside the Nugget's Counting Room, 9. Gordie Brown, 10. Poker Room, 11. Matt Dusk, 12. Tim Deals Blackjack, 13. Partnership, 14. Tom Brietling's Book Interview

Double or Nothing
In Old Las Vegas Bookstore