Thursday, May 21, 2009


The photo above is of UNLV's David G. Schwartz, whose blog I highly recommend.

Erik Wunstell - Host (VEGAS - NOW & THEN, WEST VEGAS and IN OLD LAS VEGAS).

The only blog that I read consistently is called the Die Is Cast. It's written by Dr. David G. Schwartz, the Director of Gaming Studies at UNLV.

Dave is the author of 'Suburban Xanadu' and 'Roll the Bones: The History of Gambling'.

Before moving to Las Vegas Dave attended the University of Pennsylvania and UCLA. He also worked for Atlantic City casinos as a security consultant.

Over ten years ago, while in his early twenties, David became the Director of the Gaming Studies Center at UNLV.

During those last ten years Dave has been at the very center of 'all things Las Vegas'. If anyone has their finger on the pulse of what is happening in Las Vegas it is him.

Which is why I read and recommend his Die is Cast blog.

Gaming executives, film producers, webmasters and news departments all seek out Dr. Dave for advice, information, analysis and input.

If you need some accurate and well-thought out info, relating to the gaming industry or Las Vegas, then David Schwartz is the person to see.

If you want to keep up with the daily issues relating to gaming and Las Vegas, check out his blog. He covers what's important, interesting, and what's just plain funny.

David and the other great people at UNLV (more about them sometime later) also publish a daily guide to Gaming Industry News on their

Take a good look at that website to see all the resources that UNLV offers to scholars and researchers.

And please be sure to view the Special Collection's Department pages to find out when and how to view their vast collection of Las Vegas historical photography, books and papers.